We all take great care of our skin in the sun but few realize how important it is to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV.

When the sun is low in the sky there is no natural protection afforded by your brow and so it is more important to wear UV protection.

When considering sunglasses, if we think beyond “does it look good?” or “does it feel comfortable?” we might ask “does it protect me against UV?”. People can often think that a more expensive pair will protect more, and there may be reasons why it might to do with the fit.

All sunglasses sold in the store are CE certified which means that they will give UV protection up to 380nm. Some like the Polaroid range will gives full UV protection up to 400nm.

UVB and UVA explained

We take vision seriously. That’s why all sunglasses in our extensive range filter out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

UVB – B is for Burning
Responsible for causing sunburn UVB rays can quickly damage eye tissue with prolonged and unprotected exposure. All Vision Express sunglasses filter out 100% of UVB rays.

UVA – A is for Ageing
These rays tan your skin but also cause premature ageing and can accelerate the development of age related illnesses. They cause damage over a long period and excessive exposure can damage eyesight. All Vision Express sunglasses filter out 100% of UVA rays.

We also offer darker tints which offer even greater protection.

Protect your Sunglasses.

Accidental damage can happen at any time but with a Grand Advantage card you can protect your sunglasses purchased from the store for one year from as little as BD 5 – Find out more »

The FIt

As with all spectacles the fit should be secure but not too tight in that it shouldn’t rub anywhere or slip.  Many sunglasses cannot be adjusted in the same way that normal spectacle frames can be so it is important that they feel right from the start. A more expensive pair of sunglasses may have a better quality frame that may stand more punishment.  Many “fashion” sunglasses in rimless or semi rimless styles will be more fragile

Look good. Stay safe.

80%of our stylish range of sunglasses can take prescription lenses, which means looking good, staying safe and seeing clearly in the sun is easy. By choosing the right frame, lens colour and level of tint, you can combine custom made protection with the most fashionable eyewear around.

Specialist Occupations

When visiting an optician most people are concerned with the health of their eyes and that they can see clearly for driving, television and reading, but often do not realize that we can also help with other more specific hobbies or pastimes. Many people participate in some sort of sporting activity, all of which place a different stress on your vision.

In many sports, success of failure is measured in hundredths of a second or fractions of a centimeter – so the speed and endurance of your eyes focusing ability is pretty vital.

Rathod Opticians and we will help you see the difference that the right eyewear can make to your performance.

 Take a look at your sports on the specialist pages, If your sport isn’t mentioned please Contact us and we will be pleased to help you find the very best product for your sporting/occupational requirements


Rathod Opticians can offer you the help and advice you need when it comes to protecting your eyes. We have optical experts on hand in every store to help you choose the right type of lenses to help you see safely in the sun.

And if you need an eye test you can simply book your appointment online. Most of our sunglass lenses are made from plastic for their versatility, durability and lightness.

All of our sunglasses are 100% UV protected however, you may find that you need a darker tint which offers even greater protection

Whatever you do in the sun we want to ensure that you can see clearly – enjoy your summer by seeing safely in the sun.

Rathod Opticians recommend Transitions lenses as the most effective light adapting lenses available today.

Transitions Optical are the pioneers in light management and never stop pushing the boundaries of adaptive technology to ensure that they are clearer inside, darker in the sun and have the fastest colour change.

transitionMany of our customers find they dislike bright sunlight and glare causing them discomfort in the sun and prefer lenses which adapt to the ever changing light conditions throughout the day. Go outside in the bright sunlight and they go dark, come inside and they become clear again, continuously filtering the light, reducing glare and eye fatigue.

No matter what light conditions are like, transitions lenses simply adapt and most wearers never notice the change. You will just find your vision feels comfortable all day long, so you see and feel your best, all the time.

They also have the added assurance that they are 100% UV absorbing to the benchmark UV400 standard regardless of whether they are dark or clear. Total protection for your eyes!

Transitions are available in a wide range of plastic lenses, from scratch resistant standard plastic to the latest thin and light high-density designs, and in single vision, bifocal and varifocal options. For the very clearest and most light reactive Transition insist on reflection-free lenses which allow the lenses to function at the very peak of their ability.

Transitions lenses go beyond vision correction. They adapt to changing light conditions, bringing out the best in everything you see. So life looks more vivid, more vibrant, more true.

Experience life well lit at www.transitions.com

When sunlight reflects off horizontal surfaces like tarmac, snow, water, pavement or even grass, much of the light is concentrated in horizontal waves. This horizontally polarised light is seen as annoying glare, and masks useful light which is travelling in the vertical direction. The result is that you can’t see properly and you tend to squint or close your eyes – this would diminish the enjoyment of a spectator or someone playing golf, for example; but for a sailor or driver the consequences could be far more serious. 

Polaroid Sunglasses are available from all Rathod Opticians stores starting from just BD19 and can be glazed to your prescription

All sunglasses are designed to reduce brightness, but glare from the sun can still cause eye strain, squinting or even temporary blindness – which can be particularly hazardous whilst driving. To avoid this, Rathod Opticians recommend polarised lenses, which provide 100% protection from glare and block 100% of UV rays.

How do Polarised lenses work?

Visible light waves from the sun travel in all directions. When sunlight reflects off a horizontal surface, like a road or water, it often becomes concentrated horizontally. This is known as glare.

Vertical light is useful to the human eye, but glare masks useful light, making it difficult and uncomfortable to see. Polarised lenses block glare and allow only useful vertical light to enter the eye and are especially useful for activities such as driving, skiing and fishing.

Polarised Lenses are ideal for:

Fishing – anglers will be able to see ‘through’ the water.

Skiing or snowboarding – skiers will begin to see ‘hidden’ bumps in the snow.

Driving – drivers will no longer be affected by sudden glare or low winter sun.

If you need an eye test you can simply book your appointment on line today.

{polarising technology with photochromic lens design}

Traditionally a driver might have a clear pair of lenses and a polarised sunglasses for bright light conditions, but often this is no longer enough. Today our lives are strongly influenced by the car, which has changed the way that we experience the outdoors. We now need a third category of lenses in our modern, automobile-centered world.

Drivewear lenses are capable of sensing and reacting to varying light conditions both outside and behind the windscreen of the car. From bright sunlight accompanied by intense, blinding glare, to overcast inclement conditions, Drivewear lenses provide the wearer with the appropriate visual solution.

These lenses provide glare protection through polarisation and enhance and protect vision through photochromics, which respond to both visible and ultra-violet light. By combining the strengths of two of the most important technologies in eyewear today, Drivewear has been developed as the lens of tomorrow.

For those who need a prescription and are unsuitable for the models with a prescription insert then consideration should be given to Drivewear® lenses. These lenses are, as the name suggests, designed for the driver who can benefit enormously from a lens that can combine polarising technology with photochromic lens design.

These lenses are available in single-vision, bifocal or varifocal designs.